Premier range of
high-quality scooters

With ongoing service and repairs, as well as a product-list
that has something for everyone, you can start
your journey toward mobility today!


Mobility Scooters Adelaide

At Scooters and Mobility, we endeavour to help the Adelaide community maintain independence and mobility by supplying a premier range of high-quality scooters to all areas. If you find yourself, or a member of your family, in a situation where driving is no longer an option, contact our friendly team at Scooters and Mobility today!

Why Choose Us for your Mobility Scooters?

With years of experience, we have provided solutions for countless Australians who don’t want to find themselves trapped at home. With ongoing service and repairs, as well as a product-list that has something for everyone, you can start your journey toward mobility today!

Our Mobility Scooting Services We Provide


Friendly and Experienced

With over 17 years experience we have created a unique and enduring service aimed at helping South Australians get out and about. Whether it is to maintain a social life, or complete daily tasks like shopping, or even just get some fresh air, Scooters and Mobility can help you safely embrace the outdoors in comfort.

An investment in a mobility scooter allows those who are otherwise incapacitated to take to the streets and complete daily tasks without hassle. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you make a selection based on the unique traits of your lifestyle. If you are looking for a personalised way to go about purchasing a new scooter, look no further!


Our Range of Mobility Scooters

No matter what your requirements may be, or what your budget, at Scooters and Mobility we are confident that therewill be a product that works for you, your environment and your budget.

There is no product that we can’t get. Even if we do not stock a particular brand or model, we can help you retrieve it! Our store is home to some of the leading scooters on the market which span different functions, speeds andc apabilities, so if you wish to have a look at the best scooters available, call today!

Additionally, we have a range of medical and home care beds, wheelchairs, bathroom aids and other lifting equipment available for purchase and hire!


Mobility Scooter Services & Repair With Ongoing Support

At Scooters and Mobility, we can help you with any issue that may occur long after it was purchased. There is no repair that we are unable to complete, and with pickup/drop off services, you will experience minimal inconvenience during this process. Our team at Scooters and Mobility focus on quick turnarounds for major repairs and testing.

Some scooter manufacturers suggest annual servicing to prevent any issues when you are out and about. At Scooters and Mobility, we offer same day servicing to make sure we keep you moving!

With onsite serving AND repairs, we can offer you a loan scooter to ensure that you return to independent transport as soon as possible.

Keep Your Independence With Scooters & Mobility

In the market for a new mobility scooter?

You can visit our store and speak to our friendly staff today! Giving you the chance to trial our scooters, you will be able to make a decision that is perfect for you!

To inquire about products, services or just to have a chat, call Scooters and Mobility today!