Mobility Scooter Service and Repairs

At Scooters and Mobility, we want to keep you moving through the streets of Adelaide in comfort. We offer a range of repair services as well as testing and periodic servicing for all different types of scooters & Powerchairs. If something isn’t quite right with your method of transport, let us take the stress away by undertaking there pairs effectively and efficiently.

We know that nothing is more inconvenient than a lack of transport, that’s why we are equipped to come to your property and take the scooter away and bring it right back when the service or repair is complete! At our Norwood location, we are equipped to undertake everything from major repairs to battery testing, ensuring that you are not left without your scooter for prolonged periods of time.

Why Choose Us For Mobility Scooter Repairs

All Scooter Issues

No task is too big for our team at Scooters and Mobility. If it can be repaired, we can do it. With years of experience working on scooters, we have developed an understanding of what it takes to rectify the common issues that may occur.

Whether you have had an unfortunate accident that has rendered your scooter damaged, or you are noticing an irregularity in your day-to-day use, our technicians have the know-how to identify the problem and combat it!

Some of the common issues include flat tires, dead batteries and seat replacement.

On site Servicing and repair

Time is everything, and at Scooters and Mobility, turnarounds are our priority. We will do everything we can to achieve any repair on the same day. At our convenient Norwood location, we are able to handle the majority of repair tasks right there on site!

Servicing the greater Adelaide area, we can come to your property to take your scooter away and will endeavour to have it back to in you in the shortest time possible.

Just like a car, periodic servicing of scooters is essential to ensure no issues occur down the line. Being proactive can be the difference between you being stranded, and your scooter continuing to work the way it is designed too. If you think it might be worth a look under the hood of your scooter, call Scooters and Mobility today to book a service!

Scooter Delivery and Pickup

We know how important a scooter is to the completing daily tasks. That is why we make it our priority to come to you and help. Operating with efficiency, we will take your scooter to our location, and perform whatever repair or maintenance you may need, before returning it to you as good as new!


We want you to be able to complete your daily tasks without interruption. So, in the meantime, we can provide you with a fully functional scooter while yours is in the shop. This way, you will have no problem maintaining that healthy and independent lifestyle!


Keep Your Independence With Mobility Scooters

In the market for a new mobility scooter?

You can visit our store and speak to our friendly staff today! If your scooter requires a periodic service or a particular repair, we are here to help! To enquire about products, services or just to have a chat, call Scooters and Mobility today!