At Scooters and Mobility, we stock hundreds of different mobility products. No matter what scooter you have in mind, we have the capability to make it a reality with access to suppliers around the country. If you are in the market for a replacement/upgrade for your current scooter, or you are a first-time purchaser looking to reinstate your freedom of movement, let Scooters and Mobility help.

We can assist you make a selection based on your situation,budget and personal preference. With personalised service, we are confident that you will end up with a scooter or product that is perfect for your current situation!


Something For Everyone

Scooters come in a range of styles, sizes and price brackets, however, they all have a common function – to get you from A to B safely and in comfort. At Scooters and Mobility, we like to delve into the specifics of your situation. Do you like to get out and go to the shops in the morning? Do need some space to put your belongs in when you set out for the day? Whatever you’re requirements may be, our team of experienced professionals can help you make a lasting decision.

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Our Norwood store is home to many different scooters, spanning multiple makes and models. Even if you have a product in mind that we don’t stock, we can get it for you. Nothing is outside the realm of possibility with Scootersand Mobility, so if you know what you want, or you even if you don’t, let us help you with the process!

The products we offer can cover reasonable distances without charging. Getting up to a comfortable and safe speed, you will have no trouble completing your daily tasks on your new scooter. Our scooters are DVA and NDIS approved.

The scooter industry is home to an exciting range of colours and sizes, meaning that you can cater to a personal preference as well as ensuring that you can move around safely!


Lifting Equipment and Beds

Not only do we sell premier mobility scooters, but we also stock a range of lifting equipment and ICare beds. These medical and homecare necessities are once again essential to maintaining an element of freedom and independence. If you are fitting a space to handle an elderly or somewhat incapacitated relative, you needn’t go past Scooters and Mobility!

The Rest!

Our goal is simple – help the residents of Adelaide remain mobile for the sake of independence. So, it doesn’t stop there! At Scooters and Mobility, we have products such as walkers, wheelchairs and bathroom aids, as well as access to assisted living equipment for a range of different ailments.

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The bathroom aids available are designed to assist with bathing and toilet access in homes and healthcare facilities. These include a range of different shower chairs and commodes.

Our team can help you implement a comfortable power chair or recliner into a home for the comfort of a relative with an ailment.

If you don’t think a mobility scooter is entirely necessary, you may find that one of our suitable rollators or walkers is a sufficient substitute!

Our scooters are available for hire as well, so if you find yourself in a temporary situation such as a broken foot, or post-surgery recovery, you can hire a scooter to help you out in the meantime.


In the market for a new scooter? You can visit our store and speak to our friendly staff today! Giving you a chance to trial our scooters, you will be able to make a decision that is perfect for you!

To enquire about products, services or just to have a chat, call Scooters and Mobility today!