Why Select Us For Second Hand Mobility Scooters?

At Scooters and Mobility, we also buy and sell used scooters to the independent population of Adelaide. This service allows buyers a cost-effective solution for mobility, without sacrificing quality. The scooter-reliant enthusiasts of the state love to upgrade to new models! This means that we have plenty of secondhand shop tested scooter available!

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring you second-hand scooters that essentially function like brand new. All second-hand scooters are serviced and tested to ensure functionally before they are sold. Whether you want to sell or buy, our team at Scooters and Mobility know the ins and outs of all things second-hand in this space!


Second Hand Mobility Scooters You Can Trust

Cost-effective Scooter Solutions

Looking for a cost-effective solution to help you maintain your freedom of movement? Second-hand scooters are a great way to maintain movement if you can no longer drive, for a fraction of the price. Just like our extensive list of products, we always have second-hand scooters that are functioning as new available.

If you have no real preference, we are confident that we will have a product that suits your needs and level of activity. To maintain freedom and independence, you don’t need to break the bank if you choose to work with Scooters and Mobility, as our range of second-hand products has something for everyone!

Mobility Scooters Are Just Like Cars!

Your scooter needs should be treated just like a car. Sometimes your current method of transport may not suit your new needs. If you are looking for something more powerful, larger or with more space, you can always sell your scooter to Scooters and Mobility. We can then provide you with new options based on your current requirements.

Many South Australians choose to upgrade regularly, meaning that there are second-hand mobility scooters that have had a very limited use. We make it our goal to restore and maintain second-hand scooters in Adelaide, and ensure that they are in the very best market condition before reselling them.

Looking to upgrade your scooter?

If your current scooter is no longer cutting it, or you have a new situation which requires additional features, Scooters and Mobility can work through this process with you. From the removal of your old product (and any consequent servicing) to the purchasing of something new and perfect for you, we are here to assist you!

By establishing a relationship with our clients, we have been a part of yearly upgrades and have been able tofacilitate this entire process for them.

Second Hand Products – Available Now

Keep Your Independence With Mobility Scooters

In the market for a new mobility scooter?

You can visit our store and speak to our friendly staff today! Giving you a chance to trial our scooters, you will be able to make a decision that is perfect for you, your lifestyle and your budget!

To enquire about products, services or just to have a chat, call Scooters and Mobility Adelaide today!